Friday, October 4, 2013

Bionicle MOC: Zeyek's Starship

Alright!  This should be it, my very last ever Bionicle MOC video!  Check out all of Zeyek's historical posts, including the recent (but first) video showing Zeyek himself.


  1. I can't believe that this is the last Bionicle MOC that you'll ever do! I grew up with Bionicle, and was devastated when they announced that they were going to replace them with Hero Factory. I can't believe that even you've given up on them.

  2. Last ever... don't lie to us.

    1. I did say "should" be ;) LEGO lied to all of us saying Bionicle would never come back!

  3. (Putting this here as well for good measure. Hopefully this doesn't appear to be desperation, not too much anyway. Pft)

    This is late but, recently got back into bionicle, anyway. I was waltzing through and watching a video when your chronicler came up. As far as I know, you still don't know how his ship works nor how he found it, right? Well... I mean... One possibility is that the ship was a way to communicate, to travel, to check on the "twin Giants". A way for the great beings to send proxies to and from both machines. This would imply there was once a vast amount of them... And now only one was left as the idea was quickly abandoned for whatever reason. Through some instance that chronicler could've found that ship. Discovered its functionality through trial and error. The only issue being that the controls, being much too alien, would randomly toss him from location to location if he "warps".

    This warping could work off of quantum frequencies. Vibrating quickly enough to get outa sync with the universe and "fall" somewhere else. Heck his staff could've based off of knowledge on how this works!

    Tl;Dr - Chronicler found an old ship, randomly takes him to places.

    One possible story could be about other abandoned great being stuff. What happens in a long closed forgotten toy bin? Food for thought I guess, sorry for the long message. Ciao!