Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mega Bloks missing parts lightning strikes AGAIN

Over the past month of trying out Mega Bloks Halo products I've encountered several minifigures with mismatched, malformed, or missing parts.  Then, when attempting to build the $100 Pelican set, I found I was shorted 147 pieces.  I methodically filled out the missing parts request form and moved on to another set.  That one was incomplete as well.  I filled out ye olde form again, and I should have taken more serious notice of the difference in sequential confirmation ID numbers I received between the two.  In a matter of a couple of hours, it increased by 29.  That means 28 other people had submitted requests for replacement or missing parts in that short of a period of time.

Today I successfully built another MB Halo set, then moved on to yet another, and guess what?  Two missing parts in this one as well.  That's now 3 out of 4 sets in a row that could not be completed due to critical missing parts.  That's 3 sets purchased at two different locations, from three different sub-series. 

While typing this here, I received confirmation that my 3rd part request had been approved.  Another 167 such requests were approved since my last one (last night).

This is not bad luck.  This is an epidemic.

You'll be hearing more from me on this topic!


  1. If you play with Mega Bloks, you're gonna get burned at some point. It's safe to say that you've gotten a third degree. :(

  2. Wow jang that is just bad too many missing pieces.Anymore and you can probably make an assortment of Halo micro build vehicles.Yes I know they don't exist.Anyways hopefully you get multiple free sets from them.

    Lil Dog 1216 signing off

    PS Lego is superior

  3. Great site and videos. I really appreciate that you are now reviewing Mega Bloks sets.

    I also understand your frustration regarding the missing parts. I have recently been building Halo Mega Bloks sets (after many years with lego) and have also found a couple of sets with missing parts. I also ordered the parts online from Mega Bloks. I live in Australia so it will be interesting to see how long they take to arrive.

    Overall, I am still happy with Mega Bloks as they seem to be improving compared to halo sets I built several years ago. They still do not match the quality control of lego, but I feel they are trying.

    Do we know if they use a similar packing and checking procedure to lego?

    1. Did you ever get the bricks sent to Australia. I've just helped my grandson build the Halo Scorpion tank and we are missing 4 crucial bits. I am yet to get any emails from mega Blocks but have received a confirmation note on the net.

  4. Again?mega blocks this is UNACCEPTABLE UNACCEPTABLE said by 343 Guilty Spark

  5. COME ON! (sorry mikolagre dudeck, if that is how you spell it, for stealing your cathfrase) this is why i avoid mega blocks, kre-o and charictor bilding as much as i can. (p.s. Jang can you do some charictor billding dr who sets plz)

    quartz roolz/ darkstar

  6. Avoid Mega Bloks large sets. Even in 2016, Mega Bloks quality controls is having problems. I've seen several Mega Bloks Halo & Spiderman series with missing parts/pieces since they started. The problem occurs more often with larger sets, so I don't buy those anymore. The Mega Bloks/Mattel website for missing pieces are terrible, I've received 3 shipment emails over a period of 4 months. I've received NOTHING else.