Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Hero Factory canister codes

I cleaned up some of my LEGO Hero Factory canisters & extra parts today and have a handful of spare canister top codes I figured I'd share with y'all from duplicate sets.  I don't know if the codes are first-come first-serve, one-time-use-only, or if they're free-for-all, so maybe only one person will be able to use them, maybe multiple.  What's certain is that what's here is here and that's all that is here and all that I have to post, so please don't try to demand more!  Also, if you try one and it doesn't work, then it just doesn't work, and there's nothing I can do to change that.
From 2.0 heroes:
  • 2141-2WR9Z-66

  • 2141-662TA-07

  • 2065-CZUEP-96

  • 2063-3V66A-13

  • 2067-2G2BU-29

From 3.0 heroes:
  • 2145-FW3LF-58

  • 2182-2NF8B-25

  • 2144-F9F87-11

  • 2183-FW6K7-47


  1. The codes dont work

  2. Hey when you know about 4.0 CA an you tell us thanks

  3. I already have 3 my brother has 3, and am almost certain that all games are the same except for attributes...

    BAD NEWS: Scorpio was never incorporated into the game, not even as a mini boss, it was Waspix instead. Look at the back of a hero instruction book to see.

  4. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 4, 2011 at 6:52 PM

    Hey JANG! the ACTUAL Hero Factory 4.0 has been revealed! I found the info on Eurobricks and on Smashing Bricks.
    Heroes: Breez, Evo, Rocka, Furno, Surge, and one hero seems to be missing from the list. Probably it will be revealed at a later date.
    Villains: Thornraxx, Black Phantom, Toxic Reapa, Splitface, and Jawblade, with either Toxic Reapa or Black Phantom seems to be the main villain.
    This appears to be a toxic/radiation/mutation-oriented theme. Sounds awesome if we get hazmat heroes!
    An interesting theory by some Eurobricks members is that there will not be another hero; they think a hero named Reapa got corrupted, becoming Toxic Reapa, therefor becoming a villain. Sounds neat, but probably won't happen.
    Another interesting note is that 3 of the heroes seem to be villain-priced, with the other 2 being normal hero price; however this is probably a mistake in the set listings. I hope you, and everyone who has been asking, finds this useful!

  5. May not have worked for me by the time I read this entry, but I just wanted to say it was a very nice gesture for you to do this for readers of your blog.

    1. I have found a piece of Mesonak history.

  6. does anyone have pics?

  7. Yes, Anonymus have reason the codes don't work

  8. JANG,you are the most epic person i know.

  9. Anonymous 1st comment, the codes don't work because other people have already used them.

  10. you can obtain free codes from customer service, i did

  11. well,i do have codes but that their only used once they probally dont work ;(