Monday, January 24, 2011

Lego Bionicle / Technic bulk parts sell-off on eBay

A few weeks ago on my YouTube channel and my second Bionicle Untold blog, I gave a preview of my upcoming excess parts liquidation, and today I'm happy to announce that it has begun.  Items are already selling quite quickly, so if there's something you want, jump on it!
Here's a quick slide show of the lots I've listed:


  1. Maaaan, it's so sad for me. I'm from Brazil, and I were wanting some pieces.
    Ok, ok... Brazilian's lives never were easy. ç_ç

  2. oh man that's alotta pieces
    it's like the motherload of Bionicle pieces
    wish i had the money to buy some of this stuff, it would really help with my Mocing... :S
    But man, you've accumulated quite alot of pieces! I is impresseded :)

  3. i want all of it...