Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trains, trains, more trains, always with the trains

After focusing on train-related items with my custom builds over only the past week six days, I've already started getting complaints from viewers that "all" I "ever" do anymore is train stuff and I "never" do anything else.  In spite of such dramatic over-reactions, I'm going to continue doing what I enjoy and taking advantage of every bit of building inspiration I can, whenever I can!  I may do more train-related builds for another agonizing six days, or I may suddenly switch back to watercraft, or another building, or even just random minifigs to increase the population of New Jang City.  Sometimes the imagination is like the proverbial box of chocolates, and I'm okay with that!


  1. The hand brakes are on the incorrect side on the brown cars...

  2. Don't lisn 2 da h8rs, JaNG! Ewe no wot yur doin is rite so nevr giv up! Keep up da grate wrk and alws wear ur seatbelt!

  3. Would love to get into building lego trains. Love your videos