Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Arctic Invasion set 6879 Review

Here's another new MB CoD set, perhaps the last from Ghosts?  Hopefully in 2015 we'll start to see some Advanced Warfare sets, huh?

Send your Tactical team down a snowy path and infiltrate the Federation base. When they reach the Federation HQ’s checkpoint, take out the tower guard and steal his uniform and commandeer the all-terrain vehicle. It’s a fully buildable manual vehicle with working stick shift, and rear mounted swivel turret. You can attach your mission-ready soldier to the rail and hang on as you plough your way through. The vehicle features a unique stowaway weapons compartment, actual rubber tires and attachable floodlights. 
Ideal for ages 16 and up 
  • Buildable all-terrain vehicle with detachable lights, moving gear shift, sniper rifle on a turret and special compartment for storing weapons
  • Buildable environment with barricade and barbed wire fence, surveillance camera and siren
  • Three highly detailed and super-poseable micro action figures with detachable accessories
  • Full assembly weapons and accessories
  • 491 pieces


  1. Hey Jang,
    I was wondering if the tires from APC Invasion would fit on this truck without modifying the chassis or the wheel wells. Are the axles even compatible?

  2. Exact same size -- a perfect fit :)

    1. How do you feel about the aesthetics of that? Does it look good?

  3. hello Jang, the best LEGO creator ever please respond

    i was wondering if you use the average sets to add to the moc table, as in would you use the really detailed call of duty mega bloks, or halo sets? do you also like to use some other sets to make ordinary sets? on the moc table, are you going to maybe try and expand the festive seasonal event area, maybe with another table just to make the ideas flow just a bit more.