Thursday, October 14, 2010

LEGO Bionicle MOCs: Krana-possessed Matorans

One day many, many months ago, I was going through my parts bins, sifting through various items, looking for inspiration for a new creation, and I paused to look more closely at my bag of krana.  They're such cool looking things, especially when attached to a head and not just displayed in a Bohrok shell, and yet they're infrequently used.  I decided to make a krana-possessed character and it it ended up being the Le-Matoran pictured above.  I was pretty satisfied with how it turned out, and went about trying to come up with others.

Soon I had covered all six main color schemes, and we had a party!


  1. pls do a how to build on these

  2. please tell us how these are built

    1.'s not exactly hard to figure out, yo.